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Proyecto UX/UI: Dayfulness app

UX/UI design

This is a project developed for a UX design bootcamp taught by the Interaction Design Foundation. The Dayfulness app is a coaching tool. It is based on the Fullness Diary: the coach asks the coachee to write down 10 moments daily that make him/her feel happy. The objective is to help the user, with the help of the coach, to identify what kind of activities or situations stimulate him/her or cause well-being.

dayfulness app

It is highly recommended to have the support of a professional, although the app can also be used autonomously. We can contact a professional from the Share tab, and once an agreement is reached, the coach will request the coachee, through a notification in the app, that their accounts are linked.

This way, he/she can send the coach (with the agreed periodicity and having the possibility of selecting the days to share) a report with all the moments of the selected days.

pantallas dayfulness
pantallas dayfulness

Thus the professional has the moments record in advance and can prepare the next coach session. And the coachee doesn't need to always have a notebook or wait for the end of the day to record his/her moments. We take advantage of the availability of the mobile device and its features (we can attach photos and audio notes to the Moments).